Finding Head Space

Oh, the many titles women are bonded to!

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Let’s see. We are wives and a mothers. We are daughters, granddaughters, and sisters to our siblings. We are nieces, cousins, and friends. We are teachers, colleagues, and confidantes. Oh, the many titles we are bonded to! Each of those titles have specific duties that requires necessary time and attention to flourish. Some of my titles demand way more attention than others. For example, the titles that my household revolve around. Being a wife, a mother, and an educator is so demanding, more mentally than physically these days. Of course caring for five children is the most demanding.

I gave birth to four boys and one girl. My little girl is the youngest. Yay! I finally got one.










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The Pursuit of Happiness

Once Happiness has been reached, it morphs into another goal, another plan, another obstacle.

We’re as happy as we want to be! 

Happiness is something that we continue to chase but can never seem to overtake. Just when we feel its physical sensation at the tip of our fingers, it vanishes and reappears as another obstacle. How can we remain content and happy while continuing to pursue Happiness? I had approached the door step of Happiness many times in my adult teen years, but I was always frightened away by obscurity. I was forced to break Happiness’s door down when I prayed and listened to God’s answer. The sign that came back was not so enticing.

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Modest Missus


I am a wife, a mother (to 5 awesome children), and an educator. I created this blog to promote self-improvement. There are many ways to improve one’s life, and I plan to improve my life by utilizing my blog for self-reflections. These self-reflections could possibly help others see intuitively into the life of a wife, mother, and educator.