The Pursuit of Happiness

Once Happiness has been reached, it morphs into another goal, another plan, another obstacle.

We’re as happy as we want to be! 

Happiness is something that we continue to chase but can never seem to overtake. Just when we feel its physical sensation at the tip of our fingers, it vanishes and reappears as another obstacle. How can we remain content and happy while continuing to pursue Happiness? I had approached the door step of Happiness many times in my adult teen years, but I was always frightened away by obscurity. I was forced to break Happiness’s door down when I prayed and listened to God’s answer. The sign that came back was not so enticing.

Growing up as an African American living in poverty is clearly not conducive to the growth of a healthy fruitful life. There are not many avenues available or exposed to many of us. The ones who are fortunate enough to discover said avenues (without carrying statistics with them) were guided by parents who gained wisdom from their mistakes and perhaps their parents  misfortune before them. This is not an excuse by any means; I’m simply sharing my experience. Generally, while living in poverty generational curses continue because we only know what we see. We’re limited and are not exposed to all of the possibilities of our future. Most of us are not coddled by words that nourish our souls. Instead, we are tainted by negativity, affected by our scenery, or lacks guidance. My handicap was the latter.

I initiated my pursuit of Happiness when I was twenty-one years old as a mother of three. I managed to find employment and shortly after that I moved out of the home I shared with their dad because I had an epiphany during a commonplace occurrence; those are experiences I do not care to revisit. Once a little bit of light peaked through the horizon, I ran as fast as I could to the doorstep of Happiness and bum-rushed through. Who knew that Happiness’s foyer was so long?

Once I was inside the home of Happiness, I felt its presence. I began to rebuild myself. I went to college for the first time in my life. In college I gained self-awareness. The doors in my mind were being unlocked and opened. The roads were no longer a dead end. I could visualize all the many avenues that led to success. I created the life I prayed for all those years ago, and now that I am here I find myself in search of the next level of Happiness. There has been many moments where I have been in the company of Happiness. Once Happiness has been reached, it morphs into another goal, another plan, another obstacle. I’m finding that the pursuit of happiness is never-ending. 



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